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Reading list

Not a very exciting post this – just a list of the books that I have read. Not sure what this list says about me, other than that I have an ongoing fascination with certain topics: memory, synesthesia, thinking, teaching  and numbers.

Carey, Benedict. How we learn. 2014.
Chabris, C & Simons, D. The Invisible Gorilla. 2010.
Coyle, D. The Talent Code. 2009
Cytowic, R. The man who tasted shapes. 1993
Duckworth, A. Grit. 2017
Duhigg, C. The Power of Habit. 2012.
Eagleman, D. Incognito. 2011
Ericsson, A. & Pool, R. Peak. 2016
Frankl, V. Man’s search for meaning. 1946
Gladwell, M. Blink. 2005.
Gladwell, M. The Tipping Point. 2000.
Gladwell, M. Outliers: The Story of Success. 2008.
Gladwell, M. David & Goliath. 2013.
Harris, P. Simultaneous learning. 2012.
Harris, P. The practice process. 2014.
Harris, P. The virtuoso teacher. 2012.
Johnson, S. Who moved my cheese? 1998.
Kahneman, D. Thinking, fast and slow. 2011.
Levitt, S. & Dubner, S. Think like a freak. 2014
Luria, A R. The mind of a mnemonist. 1968
Marsh, H. Do no harm. 2014.
Mlodinow, L. Subliminal. 2012.
Mlodinow, L. The drunkard’s walk. 2008.
Pink, D. Drive. 2009
Pink, D. When. 2018
Rusbridger, A. Play it again. 2014.
Sacks, O. The man who mistook his wife for a hat. 1985
Sinek, S. Together is better. 2016
Sinek, S. Leaders eat last. 2014
Sinek, S. Start with why. 2009
Syed, M. Bounce. 2010.
Syed, M. Black Box Thinking. 2015
Thomson, H. Unthinkable. 2018
Walker, S. The undefended leader. 2011.