Genesis choir

A few weeks ago I was approached by The Genesis Trust with an interesting proposal: would I like to form a new choir? Yes please!

The Genesis Trust is an amazing charity based in Bath which strives to “hold up hope for people until they are strong enough to hold it for themselves.” Currently they are involved in 10 different projects, all of which meet the homeless at their point of need, including The Bath Foodbank, the Furniture Project and the Lifeline Centre.

In 2013 The Genesis Trust was Monkton’s chosen charity. The year before that our charity was Neema Crafts in Tanzania. This is a charity which not only gives opportunities for people with disabilities, but also aims to change negative attitudes towards them. Or put another way, it aims to give them back their dignity.

gtThe benefits of singing in a choir are well documented. In the case of Monkton’s Choir who can’t sing my hope is that both the boys themselves, and those who hear them, accept that anyone can sing. I think it’s a strong message. My long-dreamed-of day when the whole school comes to Chapel and sings has arrived, and last Saturday the school sang Be thou my vision and In Christ alone with extraordinary energy. The choir has been part of changing the whole school attitude towards singing, and I believe that Monkton is much healthier for it.

So what about a vision for the Genesis Choir? [working title] Well, it’s going to be the same as for Neema Crafts – it’s about giving people dignity. I guess in life you can find yourself with very little, but one of things which nobody can take away is your voice. In this respect a choir is a real leveller, and the guy with the wonderful tenor voice is king, whoever he is!

Should be an interesting time ahead as we plan our approach. Watch this space!


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