Piano Masterclass with Andrei Gavrilov

One of the great benefits of having such a fine piano in an equally wonderful hall is that we are able to attract some amazing musicians to come and share their gifts with us. On Monday we had the huge privilege of welcoming one of the truly great pianists in the world, Andrei Gavrilov to Monkton to give a masterclass.

Andrei has had an extraordinary career and listening to him talk about music, never mind playing the piano, was utterly captivating. As well as the masterclasses he also recorded a video interview with a friend of mine, Melanie Spanswick, who has over the past year or so interviewed some 25 world class pianists. Andrei’s interview will shortly be posted here, and is well worth watching! Melanie has also posted a blog following Andrei’s visit on Monday.

For my part, rather than paraphrase what Melanie has already written, a few personal reflections on Monday evening.

fi and andrei rwu

Fiona’s lesson with Andrei, on Chopin’s Nocturne no.20 in c# minor, was actually deeply moving. That might seem like a strange thing to say about a lesson, but over the course of half an hour he opened a door into Chopin’s world which left us feeling almost like we were actually there; the prayer-like sobriety of the opening chords; the middle section being like a memory or a dream, unreal. And the combination of his vivid description and his own mesmerising playing created such a strong image that Fiona’s playing was transformed. It is all too easy for some who can (and Andrei can, all too easily!) to say ‘it goes like this!’ I have seen many masterclasses and lessons where, despite numerous demonstrations, the student still really doesn’t quite know what the teacher is wanting. Not here – Andrei’s musical imagery was so clear that we were all in no doubt at all.

The other moving part of the evening was Andrei’s performance of Prokofiev’s fiendish Suggestion diabolique op.4. There were only about 8 or 9 of us in the audience at the end of the session, and although I have been to many piano recitals in the past, none have really compared to this. He wasn’t obliged to play, but he did play, for just a handful of us – amongst friends if you like – because he wanted to. And what a performance. I was lost for words, and I think I probably embarrassed myself with the look of shock on my face when he finished! Andrei, on the other hand, just jumped up from the piano stool with a big grin, said it was time to go, gave us each a big hug, and made his exit. I have a new hero!

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