The 5Es for outstanding instrumental teaching

I have been considering how to put together some ideas which encapsulate everything that might be seen in outstanding instrumental/singing teaching, and have decided to structure these draft ideas under 5 headings, all beginning with the letter E. Herewith, The 5Es!

develop an Enquiring Mind

The first two of these are vitally important in setting the right tone for the lesson,  so that excellent learning can then take place. Engage and Enthuse. Although these processes will of course continue to take place for the duration of each lesson, they must be there from the very first moment. From there onwards, we need to ensure that we are developing an Enquiring mind, and that we Equip our pupils with the skills that they need to progress. All of this should Empower them, so that they can stand on their own two feet as a musician.

Follow this link to Engage!

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