Battle of the Bands

Last Friday night saw our very first Battle of the Bands, and after such a brilliant evening, I hope that it proves to the be first of many!

No less than eight bands took part; Bright Lights, Jasper & Carnelian, The great avocado disaster, Captain Fantastic, Reasons not to be a cranberry, Livvy and the giants, The Two Harrys and No Strings Attached. These were represented by pupils all the way from years 7 to 13, members of staff, and several OMs/extras who were happy to join in to make the evening a success.

We hired in ‘the full monty’ in terms of sound gear, and our wonderful drama department also laid on the full light effects; the overall setup was highly professional. There was no doubt that the bands were really excited when it came to their individual sound checks and run-throughs, and after weeks of preparation they rose to the occasion to put on a fantastic show.

The judges’ prize went to Livvy and the giants, not only for their excellent performance, but also to acknowledge the fact that Livvy writes her own songs.

Much of this lies well outside my own comfort zone! However, it has been wonderful to see the pupils taking responsibility for themselves, and although our music staff have given them constant encouragement, their success has come largely from their own endeavours; indeed, I think I might have hindered rather than helped had I tried to involve myself too much! There might have been a few flaws here and there, but the standard was high, and the pupils will doubtless have learned from each other (and also from the excellent staff band, No Strings Attached; next time around, they will have new ideas which they have worked out for themselves. That’s good learning!

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