Hot off the press, a youtube video of the Choir who can’t sing performing Shine in our concert yesterday afternoon. Just twenty random guys who have discovered the joy of singing in a choir! I also received an email from a proud parent of one of the choir:

Just a short note to say that the concert on Saturday was one of the best school concerts I’ve ever attended. All the participants were fantastic – confident, relaxed and most importantly looking like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.
On a personal note, my son said on the way home in the car, “one of the things I will miss most about school is the choir, I’ve so enjoyed being a part of it and I wish it had started earlier.” He went on to say that he couldn’t help feeling jealous of the younger members of the choir because they were going to have such a great time singing together.
In the same concert we also heard Handel’s coronation anthem Zadok the Priest, performed by a choir of some 150+ after just 40 minutes rehearsal earlier in the day. Complete with an extraordinary additional counterpoint over the sixteen bar introduction, written by and performed by Richard Stilgoe (OM), which tells the story of King Edgar’s coronation in 973 in Bath Abbey! more

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